Suite16 Studios 35 Years….!!  

Devotion is Dilligence without Assurance!!


Our Story


It was the late seventies when Daddy-Antonis Trillides- was dreaming ‘BIG’…. In an age when music industry was in primitive stages around the world, Antonio ‘Pateras’ decided that Cyprus deserved a state of the art-beyond it’s age-multitrack recording studio… and he did exactly that… A 100% profesional recording studio that stands out even in today mass-production age…..The story continues in the early nineties when I, myself, Yiannos Trillides decided that ‘When i grow up i wanna be like Dad’…. Started working at Suite16 Studio after finishing the army and soon after my studies in the States. Just before the turn of the century we restructured the studio area, from one huge studio into two-one large and one smaller studios….it’s present form, to meet the customers needs more efficiently!