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for Radio/Tv VoiceOvers, Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Cartoons, Explainer Videos, AudioBooks or any other Audio project in any language.

Option 1. Simple-Fast-Economic.

Just tell us the number of words of your script and you’ll get an instant quote of our price.

If you like the price and proceed, you’ll get an email with the links of the voice talents that can do the voice-over work, depending on the language you need, and the delivery time. (normally within 24hrs for Greek 1-3 days for other languages).

Option 2. Pro-Advanced-More Expensive.

Select the voice over talent you like, send the details for the broadcast medium your project is for and the number of words. We will then email you with the confirmed final price and the expected delivery time. You can also select to have skype monitoring where available.


Option 3. Value for money-More secure result.

Just give us your script, a short brief of your project and your desired budget range and let our professional team advice you and help you select 2-3 talents that can do the work best for you, their price and the pros and cons of each talent.



All files are delivered in wav or high quality mp3 format, edited processed and broadcast ready.


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