Radio Productions

  • We’ve been specializing in Radio productions for Over 30 years.
  • We can undertake projects in Greek, English, Russian, French or German language. With tens of thousands final products and satisfied customers we consider ourselves the ‘go to’ company in which you can entrust your future projects.

Backed up with a vast pool of Greek and Internanional Voice Talents and a powerful search engine to help you cast the right one for your needs.

  • Huge Selection of Music Libraries To Choose from.
  • Always guided by our ‘trained ears’  you can rest assured your next project will be a success.


Music Production


  • We offer a full range of Musical support to any project. From plain studio time for a simple piano or guitar recording to full synthesis-orchestration-recording-mixing and mastering for CDs, YouTube or for any other multimedia channel.
  • We cater for all music styles from the traditional Greek live recording to the trendy electronic music approaches.
  • With a 60 square meter recording area we can accommodate large music ensembles, big choirs or loud rock bands.

Musical Bundles


Vocal Bundle:Recording Lead+Back Vox-Tuning-Mixing-Mastering €130

Song Bundle:Musical Arrangement-Recording Lead+Back Vox-Tuning-Mixing-Mastering €250

Call us to create for the ideal bundle to suit your musical needs.

Music Mastering-Audio Restoration

  • Ever thought why your ‘home created’ song doesn’t sound as loud as the songs of international artists..?? It lucks clarity and frequencies?
  • Do you have old recordings or maybe scrachy records than you want to restore?
  • We are eqquiped with top of the line Audio proccesing and Audio Restoration plugins that will make you new track sound like those of the pros and your old recordings sound like brand new!



Make your own Podcast without having to worry about any technicalities.

  • Our services include:
  • A modern and convinient space for your podcast which includes all the audio equipment you will need.
  • Audio engineers to set you up and record your podcast.
  • Camera crew and video editors if you wish a video as well.


Give US A Call for Prices